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News / Upcoming events

Spring/Summer season

Shooting is permitted on:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday

between 10.30 to 16.30


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The club welcomes all membership enquiries.

Sorry but there is no facility for non-NFAS visitors to shoot at High Cross Field Archers.

NFAS members may be able to arrange to shoot by contacting the club officers.

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High Cross Field Archers are a friendly, informal group who meet up for practice shoots most weekends, shoot all styles of bow and take part at many other NFAS club shoots across the country.

During the spring/summer, members can shoot on Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday. During autumn/winter, shooting can take place on Sunday.

Dogs are permitted but must be under control and on a lead during shooting sessions. Owners must pick up any dog poo.

Our course, in a beautiful forest of hazel and ash, is near Chedworth, Gloucestershire.

Click here for the current weather in Chedworth.

For the exact location, contact Laucon.

For more information about our club, contact Irene.

Club Officers:

Chair: Laucon Drennan: laucondrennan66@gmail.com

Secretary/Child Protection Officer: Irene Gough: cottonfresh7@gmail.com

Treasurer: Jon Stubbings: jonstubbings@hotmail.com

Website: Anthony Shorter: shortjaer@gmail.com

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